April 06, 2009

Why a weblog for an Ultra-Secret Society?

Dr. Shaka Freeman, our current board president, and the only Jorge Luis Borges Ultra-Secret Society member (Psi chapter, CA) whose identity can be revealed to the outside world, brought up the issue of recruiting younger members at the last high summit of the JLBUSS Ministry of Recruitment and Retention.

He said that utilizing the interweb and "weblogging" is a good way to connect with the youth of today and to spread our message a little at a time, and possibly find new members who would fit the profile to be in our ultra-secret and imminently literary organization.

Per our bylaws, not much can be reveled about the organization and our clandestine ceremonies on this public weblog, but nonetheless, through this weblog and our biannual publication, Papers for the Suppression of Reality, we hope to squelch the mendacious lies spread about our noble organization by conspiracy theorists and spurious Borgesian scholars like those in The Borgesian Society of Transversal Epistemologies, Hombres de la Esquina Rosa, Guardians of the Aleph, and other counterfeit Borgesian secret societies. It is therefore with great honor and moral rectitude that we introduce this weblog to reestablish The Jorge Luis Borges Ultra-Secret Society's once-unsullied name and to respond to those critics who vehemently oppose what we so nobly stand for.